Assembled Signals
For those of you who may not possess the skills, patience, or simply do not have the time to assemble one of our signal kits, BeNscale Models will be offering H2 Target Signals Kits completely assembled.  You pick the kit and the Signals Head and we do the assembly. All you have to do is paint, install, and wire it up to your desired control system. 

All you have to do is tell us the order that you want the H2 Signal Heads mounted from the top signal to next head down to the next head down based on a 3 head signal. The signal heads will come equipped with a standard length mounting bracket unless request other wise.  The long mounting bracket is available when you order the Signal heads.  You have the option to select any of the signal head lighting configurations listed on our signal head page. When ordering, please include the part number of the signal with the desired color configuration.

If you want to order a Standard Assembled 20 Double head signal with Red/Yellow/Green on the top and Red/Lunar on the bottom the part number would be:

We are charging the following rates for each H2 Signal Assembly that we assemble for you. These rates are for the assembly only of the H2 Signal.
Single Head H2 Signal Assembly   $10.00

Double Headed  H2 Signal Assembly $12.50

Triple Headed H2 Signal Assembly $15.00
If we have any questions regarding your order, you well be contacted prior to completing and assembling it.