BeNscale Models version of the N scale US&S H2 signal head has been in development for the past two years. Using new LED technology, we are able to offer many different color configurations that have never been available before in N scale.

BeNscale H2 signal heads are constructed using one of eight different LED packages capable of emitting one, two, or three different colors. Our heads will emit RED, YELLOW, AQUA GREEN, and WHITE (LUNAR) colors.  Color mixing to create yellow is a thing of the past.  All heads are completely assembled and ready to install on your next signal project.
H2 Signal Heads
We have the following eight LED light packages available:
2)RED/YELLOW (dual-color)
3)RED/WHITE  (LUNAR) (dual-color)
4)YELLOW/WHITE (LUNAR) (dual-color)
5)RED (single color)
6)YELLOW (single color)
7)AQUA GREEN (single color)
8)WHITE (LUNAR) (single color)

Our H2 signal heads feature:
-Color coded 12 inch wire leads for simplified hook up.
-Photo etched brass hoods.
-Mounts to 3/64 mast
-Mounting bracket can be bent to create any offset appearance
-Mounting bracket available in both short and long lengths
-Masking tape included over lens for easy painting
-Common Anode (common +) configuration

Please note, a
current limiting resistor is required on all LED wires to prevent over current damage. No warranty on heads that have been powered with no resistor.

Please visit our All About Resistors Page for information on what values to use .

Please visit our Mounted Signal Head Sample page to see different mount samples in order to aid in deciding which bracket length you want to order for your signal head