Standard Kits 

Standard Kit 1 20 Single Head Target Signal. Part # STDKT01
$6.00 per kit

Standard Kit 2 20 Double Head Target Signal. Part # STDKT02
$6.25 per Kit

Standard Kit 3 20 Triple Head Target Signal Part # SDTKT03
$6.50 per Kit

Southern Pacific Kits

Southern Pacific Kit 1 18 SP Single Head Target Signal. Part# SPKT01
$6.25 per Kit

Southern Pacific Kit 2 15 SP Single Head Target Signal Part# SPKT02
$6.00 per Kit

Southern Pacific Kit 3 7.5 SP Single Head Dwarf Target Dignal. Part# SPKT03
$4.75 per Kit

Southern Pacific Kit 4 16.75 SP Double Head Target Signal. Part# SPKT04
$6.50 per Kit
Typical single head target signal kit.

Kit contains all the parts to construct an N scale target signal, based on the kit ordered. Signal head must purchased separately. This way you can select the exact colors desired for specific prototype application.

Contents include:
-One scale mast with wire holes based on order
-One mast cap
-One ladder
-Two ladder support brackets (one long and one short)
-One base
-One base mounting plate
For those who wish to build their own signals, BeNscale Models offers a variety of kits to suit your needs. Each kit contains parts to build one complete signal minus the H2 Signal Head.  Please visit our parts page if you would like a full description of each part. 

You pick the H2 Head form the heads page that you want on your signal..  The signal heads come equipped with a standard length mounting bracket.  A long mounting bracket is available upon request.  You have the option to request any of the signal head lighting configurations listed on our signal head page. 

Please note that our kits can be assembled either by soldering or using CA glue.  Soldering is the preferred method due to its superior strength in comparison to CA glue.  However, soldering takes considerable skill and the correct tools and chemicals to do the job correctly. Damage to model could occur, thus voiding any warranty. 
Signal Head shown here is not part of kit.