We here at BeNscale Models want you to enjoy the color that our signals will bring to your layout. We extensively test each and every signal and signal head before they are packaged and shipped to you. When installed correctly, our signals will bring you years of trouble free operation.

BeNscale Models will warranty our products to be free of workmanship defects for a period of 60 days from receipt.  Damage caused by misuse or failure to use a current limiting resistor on each LED input will not be covered by this warranty. 

Should you experience an LED failure, please contact us at
info@benscale.com and explain the issues you are having. If after discussing the issue, we cannot solve the problem, return the item to BeNscale Models for further testing. 

Please return the items postage prepaid to BeNscale Models. Should a factory defect in the LED be found, we will either repair or replace the unit at no cost to the customer.  Should it be found that the LED damage was caused by misuse or failing to use a current limiting resistor, a new unit, at the option of the customer, can be obtained at retail price.

We have the instruments and knowledge to determine the difference between a factory defect (also known as infant failure) and damaged caused by failing to use the proper current limiting resistor. BeNscale Models will be the sole entity to make this determination.

We do understand that items purchased may not be put into service right away.  If a failure does occur outside of the warranty period in this manner, please contact us at
info@benscale.com. We will handle these inquiries on a case by case basis.